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[EN] PIERIN-PIC18 model for OrCAD Capture and Layout

Recently I brushed up my good old OrCAD application software, the PCB editor version for PCB OrCAD Layout, searching about some schematics, maybe involving the Pierin board. Unfortunately I'm still waiting for good inspiration, but, in the meantime, I have made the electrical symbol for Capture with its related footprint, for a PCB design.

Electrical Symbol

As a reference for the numbering of the pins I considered the Pierin as an integrated circuit, in which the pin 1 is the RA5, consequently the pin 17 is assigned to the USB +5 V, the pin 18 is assigned to GND and finally the pin 34 is RA3.




It should be noted that this library is compatible with OrCAD Layout and it is NOT compatible with Allegro, the new PCB editor supplied with late versions of the application package.




Both of the libraries are contained in this archive, the .olb file is for Capture, while the .llb file is for Layout.

Have a nice time with the Pierin Board!


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